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Writing is one of my activities - you may read more about this below. If you want to know what I can write about, have a look at my background and interests.

Besides writing, I have for many years worked as a government employed statistician - incl. experience with international statistical consulting.

In June 2012, I completed 4 1/2 years of theological studies at Scandinavian Academy for Leadership and Theology (SALT - now ALT) in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Malmoe and Oerebro, Sweden.

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Working as a writer

I like writing about travel, other cultures, book reviews, interviews, Christianity (all denominations and interdenominational) and I have also written a book on statistics. From autumn 2012 I have become a bookreviewer at the Christian weekly, Udfordringen i.e. The Challenge.

As of My 2024 I have had published one book, four book contributions and 465 articles. In addition I was the editor of the Statistical Yearbook 1968 (Danish), several tableworks on the population and housing census 1970 and editor of the staff paper of Statistics Denmark, Datastik. Here is a
List of published works

I am a member of the Danish Writers' Association Dansk Forfatterforening, and I can recommend: Media Associates International, who trains writers, publishers and other media people. Furthermore I am active in a subgroup MAI-Europe who also has a Friendship Group that meets on zoom monthly.

Links: on writing

Working as a writer | Statistician | My background and interests| Hotline to heaven


As a statistician in Statistics Denmark I have worked with statistics of social expenditure/receipts, housing and child aid, and back in time editing the Statistical Yearbook and other statistical publications, I was part of the team working on the population and housing census 1970. I have worked with labour force surveys, the wholesale price index, movie and film statistics. In connection wth social protection statistics Statistics Denmark has collaborated with the European Union's statistical office, EUROSTAT, as well as with the Nordic countries Nordic statistics

November 1st, 2007 I retired and during the period January 2008-June 2012 I have completed theological studies at an interdenominational Bible School, Scandinavian Academy for Leadership and Theology.

Other statistical links

Working as a writer | Statistician | My background and interests|Hotline to heaven

My background and interests


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I was born in Copenhagen, but two years later my family and I traveled around the world spending a few years here and there. This has given me an interest in international relations, since I have attended several international schools. Here are some examples: Marymount International School in Rome, Italy, and Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India. My class teacher in high school, Vera Grace Frances (later married Clark), published in 1961 a collection of poems "I have loved beauty."

After having taken the British Senior Cambridge Exam in India I attended a French high school, so I could learn more French. Now, that school is called Lycee Marie de Champagne in the city of Troyes, France, situated 160 km southeast of Paris.
Then, I attended The University of Copenhagen, a Danish University, and graduated with a master's degree in economics.
In 1984-1985 I spent a year's leave of absence from my job in "Statistics Denmark" working in an old peoples' home in Jerusalem, Israel. Later, I also went to private homes to help the elderly by giving them a bath, shopping or just talking. My work was assigned to me through the municipality of Jerusalem. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Aside from taking care of the elderly I learned Hebrew in order to be able to communicate with the elderly, who were mostly Sephardic (oriental) Jews. Now, that we have internet it is possible to keep track of Israeli news presented from the Israeli point of view through Jerusalem Post ahavat-israel.com and The Times of Israel
In my leisure time I enjoy walking, gym, swimming, reading and writing and until February 2024 travel to 62 countries, of which I have lived in 6.- During some years I have been interested in genealogy.

Since I had a life changing experience in 1982, I encourage others to open their hearts to faith rooted in the Bible.

Since January 2008 I have attended an interdenominational Bible School Scandinavan Academy for Leadership and Theology (SALT - now ALT after the school's reconstruction) first in Copenhagen and from 2009 in Sweden at Hyllie Park, Malmoe. and Örebro TSchool of Theology.
In June 2012 I completed 4 1/2 years of 13 theological couses. From autumn 2012 I have been a bookreviewer at the Christian news weekly, Udfordringen i.e. The Challenge.

Links: Danish, Selected country sites, Christian

Working as a writer | Statistician | My background and interests|Hotline to heaven

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